We appreciated the 6 and a half hours of battery life as well as the system’s vibrant display. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. With the speakers at full volume, we were able to fill up a small room, but sound did get a bit distorted. A slider bar on the bottom let us scroll from left to right and click on a picture to navigate between tiers. The XDX comes equipped with a 1.

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After we ran a full-screen Hulu video for 15 minutes, the X’s touchpad measured a reasonable 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

MSI X-Slim Series XDXUS 14″ Laptop XDXUS B&H

Fast transfer speeds Intel Wireless Display: Having instant access to certain apps is always good, but we were disappointed bluegooth we couldn’t customize the bar and add our own shortcuts.

In terms of connecting to the Internet, the notebook supports The X weighs in at only 1. Chic, user-friendly design Metal alloy chassis, feather pattern lines: Pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scrolling, and rotation gestures on the Elan Smart-Pad were rapid and accurate.

bluettooth Cramped is the first word that came to mind when we started using the XDX’s island-style keyboard. Be the first to review this item.

From here, you can perform such tasks as disabling the webcam blurtooth touchpad, opening Windows Media Player and Cinema Pro, and launching the Sound Recorder. Another user-friendly detail is the fact that with the cover closed, the edge of the laptop forms a nice round grip that fits comfortably into a cupped hand. It features groundbreaking technologies that are the products of years of collective experience and research by Creative Labs and THX.


The TimelineX was the clear winner with 74 fps. Still, if you want a inch system that can handle work and play equally well and last through the day, you’ll find a lot to like in the MSI XDX. In contrast to the cramped keyboard, the 3. We appreciated the 6 and a half hours of battery life as well as the system’s vibrant display.

To find functions you need, simply depress the S-Bar hotkey. The brush finish exudes style without being ostentatious. Dual graphics card switching: Epitome of exquisite craftsmanship Wider angle: The Aspire TimelineX gave us 5: Jack White’s vocals and guitar sounded tinny as we listened to “Seven Nation Army.

MSI X460DX laptop Bluetooth device drivers

All beat out the category average of 21 fps. On the right side of the notebook sit a USB 2.

We immediately noticed the undersized Backspace, Enter, and right Shift keys. We zoomed in and out using pinch-to-zoom. Explosions were big and bright, but appeared slightly washed out against the night sky. Windows 7 Home Premium bit is the installed operating system. Smith has been cranking out product reviews for Laptopmag.


MSI X (XAU) laptop Specifications – Notebooks – All Purpose – PC World Australia

MSI put a great deal of work into the details, inside and out, gracing these two machines with an aerodynamic feather pattern and building the cover and palm rest areas out of aluminum alloy. The space between the G and H keys was a little cooler at 86 degree, but the notebook’s underside measured an uncomfortable degrees, 11 degrees above what we consider acceptable 95 degrees.

Metal alloy chassis, feather pattern lines: The MSI delivered a respectable gaming performance, notching fps in World of Warcraft at x on Good, beating out the competition and the 83 fps average. Instead of scrolling through images one by one, Easy Viewer displayed all of our photos in three tile tiers.

MSI X460DX Specs, Performance and Benchmarks

In addition, the X and XDX come equipped with a high resolution p webcam for clear, hiccup-free pictures when conferencing with friend and family. In that time, she’s reviewed more than her share of laptops, tablets, smartphones and everything in between. The computer is powered by a dual-core 2.