Thank you for this information. If you boot with something on the disk that has the operating system fully installed on the disk, e. The Product Key will be accepted by Setup when you install the operating system, BUT if it’s one of those keys, when you want to install something that requires a Windows Genuine Advantage verification, including certain Windows Updates which you must install to update the operating system, such as SP3 Updates for XP, you will be told the key is not valid and you then can use Windows for no more than 30 days, or less. You can usually plug in any connector onto pins that are bent if you plug it in crooked by taking into account which direction they’re bent to rather that plugging in straight on. If you’re going to use a copy of someone else’s CD, then it’s a good idea for you to make a “slipstreamed” CD that has the SP4 updates integrated into it for , or that has the SP3 updates integrated into it for XP. If the hard drive itself tests okay, any data problems found can be fixed, one way or another.

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Another common thing is for the data cable to be separated from the connector contacts a bit after you have removed a cable – there should be no gap between the data cable and the connector – if there is press the cable against the connector to eliminate the gap. You didn’t mention anything about any video adapter.

They could probably help me to send my cattle dog to the moon and back to herd the cow that jumps over the moon with my old computer, if I asked them nicely.

Do you get any beeps? If the drive has 99 or fewer errors, the long test will finish, and you’ll probably, but not surely, see that they give you the option to zero fill the drive, but it’s better if you zero fill the drive with the Lifeguard program since it’s not a Seagate or Maxtor drive. The same basic VGA video is what you get when you install Windows from the CD on thefor the onboard video when the video card has not been plugged inand for the video card when it has been plugged in plug it in when the AC power to the case has been removedunless Ms-6174 has the specific video drivers built in, which I doubt.

You MAY have problems when you videk to un-install those drivers, if you ever need to – they may not un-install. vieo

MSI MS 6714 Ver 5, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

Yes it’s a tower. Try booting with the SeaTools diagnostics CD again. The IBM must be used pulls and you don’t really want them from any brand. What a luxury it was then to upgrade from Lotus with DOS, and screens with black background and amber or green or white visual display, and some silly computer game in black and amber throwing bananas, to Windows!


MSI Ms Ver 5 Socket Motherboard Backplate Included | eBay

Such a drive may not be detected properly unless that setting is correct. Thousands of users waiting to help! You only need one drive to make a copy – if you have only one, the original CD can be read in the same drive, then you insert.

IDE-0 3rd Boot Device: The RAM stick shows no physical signs of damage such as physical damage on the contacts on the module, and chips that have become detached from where they’re supposed to be firmly soldered – if someone dropped the module, or if someone pushed down on a chip rather than the module card.

In that case, you don’t need to change the Boot Order or similar when you want to boot from a bootable floppy disk, a bootable CD or DVD, or a bootable hard drive. When the computer is running and the floppy drive has been enabled properly in the bios Setup settings, if there is nothing wrong with the drive’s circuit board, the led should come on briefly when you first insert a floppy disk even when only the power connector is connected to the drive.

OK so now I am wondering, if I can get this 6G hard drive to work and the MS to detect it, then maybe if all seems well, I could then install the hard drive that I am presently using on my PC with which I am typing to you at this moment a bigger hard drive – 40 Gand install it as an extra hard drive into the MS – if it is compatible?

Posted on Feb 07, Be the first to answer. You wrote a lot of information in your latest post to me – all new to me – thanks!

I pushed the power button and the LED’s and fans work. If I were you, I would not install Linux until I had more internal hard drive space available. If you still wish to pursue the floppy drive then read the following.

It is presently on the middle double pins of the five double pins, must I remove the plastic bit completely or must I leave it there? What originally happened was this – I have been working on an old computer that can support a maximum memory size of 1. It is suggested that you contact the maker of your disc drive for videk information” and “Repair was unsuccessful on the hard drive.


If there is any personal data on the partition on the 40gb drive Windows is installed on that you don’t want to lose, you will need to copy that data to elsewhere before you installed Windows from scratch.

That said, the OP stated they are a beginner so I wondered where they picked up that name. If you change your mind later about the size of the partitions, or the number of partitions, you can’t change that in XP and below itself without losing the data that’s already on the partition sbut you can use a free third party prgram generically a “partition manipulation” program to change that without losing the data that’s already on the drive, if the drive has at least a minimal amount of free space.

If you DO see that, you MAY be able to get the mboard to work with good ram in good ram slots, if you clean up the damaged ram slot s – remove all carbon, scrape away plastic that bridges contacts, etc. Am I correct in thinking that if the power cable and socket of the floppy drive was fine, and the circuit board of the floppy drive was fine, but the data cable or connector or data header of the floppy drive was faulty, that the LED would light up if the computer was powered on?

You probably must use an 80 wire data cable with it, though, in order for it to be able to reach it’s max. If your floppy drive has no shroud around the pins, if the power connector has ever been plugged in such that it’s misplaced on the pins and then run the computer was run with it that way, the circuits on the drive’s board are likely to have been fried, and if so, the floppy drive will never work properly after that, on any computer. I assume then that the G indicates integrated graphics.

If there are or more errors, the long test quits, because they know if it has or more LBA errors, the chances are very high that the drive is definitely failing and there would be no point in putting more effort into trying to cure the problem, because even if you wrote zeros to the drive the problem will probably rapidly get worse.

All modern hard drives have a certain small percentage of the drive’s space reserved for that purpose.