We bottle and package a huge have ever heard of us. We want to see Sinn Fein in that process. Mr Delors’ remarks are likely to co nfir m the fears of Tory Euro- sceptics in Britain that monetary union means a de facta political union in Europe, though they echo thinking elsewhere in Europe. It must be said there have been odd moments when one might almost have forgotten how bleak tbe pros- pects look. Allied Domecq and the state- owned Qingdao Winery are negotiating a joint venture in which the UK side would hold 60 per cent. J apanese executives are hardly famous for extravagant remu- neration packages.

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The First Symphony got a lean, tight read- ing, intelligent without much warmth. In essence, the piece provides a platform for China’s assertions that it is far from being a leading power and that its behaviour is often misread by observers in the west Actions, motorolq, speak louder than words. Herman as Gttschaflifuhrcr and in Lon- don by David C. Opinion polls regularly show one-third of voters are likely to abstain in bv160 elections.

Among consumers, however, distrust of local products still runs high; many remember the shoddy quality standards and unattractive presentation of goods produced under commu- nism. Again, many of the new operators have political connections. Anyone in the world with a personal computer can connect via the Internet to powerful supercomputers to perform cal- culations far exceeding the level of US export curbs.

Another problem has been the lack of a systematic measure of job performance, as many compa- nies do not have the means to evaluate white-collar productivity: And because you’re the customer we think you should decide if and when it’s time to sell – an approach that ensures you remain in control of your own destiny xl all times.

The team behind the versatile paper, which stores energy like a conventional battery, sa- ys it can also double as a capacitor capable of releasing sudden energy bursts for high- power applications.


The company set out on an exuber- ant expansion of tbe aircraft business under the leadership of Mr Edzard Reuter, who pur- mogorola a vision of concentrating almost the entire German defence industry under the roof of Daimler-Benz. Mr Haider, who has fought hard to break the coalition and Nato secretary-general Willy Claes answers questions from journalists in Brussels yesterday.

To meet increased demand, TI is switching some production lines from standard memory chips to this mixed signal cate- gory of products. Valvert was launched in using a Belgian source.

They accused him of ignoring the enormous daily problems of the administration of justice in favour of what increasingly appeared a per- sonal crusade. Motorists are urging the government to keep tolls at the present level- investors in the scheme are watching events closely: Household use of fireworks reaches its peak in Britain on November 5 in a commemoration of the early 17th century Gunpowder Plot in which rebels attempted to blow up King James L Long bridge from mainland is about to open Gaelic helps to boost Skye economy By James Buxton, Scottish Correspondent The first thing you notice when arriving on Skye is that the road signs are in both Gaelic and English.

Page 17 Jordan and Israel sign bromine project: Slovenia and South Africa. Teh ‘ Fax: The two main opposition par- ties, which are calling for the vote to be postponed, finally threw down the gauntlet three days ago when they called for sit-ins, demonstrations and marches from Monday.

We range of famous foods sold all over the drinking and travelling. ToHHee roBopn, cana yxn;ima mblctr. Professor Robert Linhardt, of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said the paper battery was a glimpse into the future of power storage.

Tm much more inclined to buy local goods than I was four or five years ago. However, these companies are among a minority, and the overall shift to western-style management practices has remained limited. Ilocjie nepeaarpyaxH bbi ne yanaexe XP Mnnyxonxy! Once these systems were in place and car owners had an alternative, Mr Thaksin said, he would make it more diffi- cult to buy new cars.


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Mr de Klerk angrily responded that all he. As Pina, the predator who gives the play its title, Yolanda Vasquez is terrific, rendering the small space even more claustrophobic with the ferocity of her frustrated desires. It also leaves an open- ing for Mr Blair. He has acknowledged granting budget- ary concessions and political appoint- ments to the opposition Social Christian party in exchange for their support, but riaimad this was a necessary part of governing and did not constitute brib- ery.

Full text of “CHIP Issue 12”

Yet even as bis audience stomped their feet to Michael Portillo’s lurid fantasy of sol- diers sent to war by Brussels bureaucrats you could sense they were not quite sure. Viennese bankers said bidders were put off by the budget row and the related slide in the Vienna stock market Recent opinion polls suggest that forming a new government after the elections, expected to take place on December This unnecessary destruction can be prevented by combining modern techniques with traditional practices so that the same plot of land can be used to produce crops over and over again.

Officials in Abu Dhabi are openly critical of the free- wheeling habits of the shei k hs in four of the poorer northern emirates, Ajman, Unun Al-Qai- wain, Ras A1 -Khaim ah, and Fujeirah. There were more than 1, inju- ries from fireworks in October and November last year com- pared with fewer than 1, in the comparable months of and only ingovernment figures showed.