A majority of people buy notebooks for business use which requires a lot of typing and mouse movement. Beautiful sized screen and outstanding Screen resolution x Sound produced from the notebook speakers is crisp and clear. Not too much to say on the touchpad. Below is a comparison table. With a Pentium M 1. The Ls50 incorporates a 6 cell and an optional 9 cell battery.

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The speakers on the LS50 are not one of the notebooks stronger points. Excellent build, design, and looks. But users may not like bits hanging off of their notebooks, LG really should have looked to include one of these short range communication options as a built-in feature.

The size of the notebook would make you think again. The notebook also comes equipped with Optical Digital out SP-dif which can be plugged into any sound system for reproduction of digital x. Needs programmable function buttons. Visit our network of sites: Just remember that there are many factors that affect the battery performance.

Beautiful sized screen and outstanding Screen resolution x The first generation code name Banias only had 1mb cache L2.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs)

But, for those seeking a cheaper option there are also the LS50 -5, -6, and ls500a giving lower specs but same build and quality. Having xxp little main system RAM when you have a great processor and graphics card is going to provide a weakest link effect — your notebook can only perform as well as the weakest link.


But think again, LG designed this notebook to stay cool via passive cooling and keep quiet under normal usage. There are many different ways to get around poor integrated speakers.

A down side of this is you have to press 2 buttons simultaneously to activate certain programs or tasks. So the lz50a of either head phones or external speakers would be a much better alternative than the integrated speaker.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs)

,s50a, this can be a cheap fix by buying either a Bluetooth dongle lw50a an external IR port. Other factors that could have been improved would be little things such as the exhaust position and a better speaker placement. The test of the Intel Pentium M 1. Below is a comparison table. I chose the LS50 over these notebooks and others due to the combination of style and high-end performance. Overall this notebook is a great and outstanding piece of equipment that really stands out.

To start off, the speakers are positioned badly, they are angled down at the front of the notebook. The hard drive, when spinning up, is quite an audible sound, but this only happens every so often.

However, the native resolution of x and bright screen makes for a great viewing experience nonetheless. LG LS50 back side view larger image.


Minor improvements would have been liked but no one can have it all. The touchpad really has precision cursor movement and is quite sensitive to a touch of sl50a finger. Whereas the second generation Dothan moved to the quicker bus speed of MHz and a larger cache size of 2mb L2, and now the third generation code name Sonoma has an even quicker Bus speed MHzimproved architecture for faster calculations, but the same cache.

A majority of people buy notebooks for business use which requires a lot of typing and mouse movement.

A sleek design, modern looks and brushed aluminum surfaces, really gives this notebook style points.

LG LS40a/LS50a Free Driver Download

The Ls50 incorporates a 6 cell and an optional 9 cell battery. LG LS50 Right side view larger image.

LG claims the 9-Cell battery to have an extended life of up to 10 hrs. So the LG LS50 is quite powerful in number crunching, even though it is not using the latest chip design from Intel.