In contrast to the transmission mediums and , the transmission medium comprises a bare or uninsulated conductor surrounded in whole or in part by the dielectric foam and the jacket , which can be constructed from the materials previously described. The disturbance detection sensor b can also utilize the transmission device or to transmit electromagnetic waves as test signals to determine a roundtrip time for an electromagnetic wave reflection. Unlike free space propagation of wireless signals such as unguided or unbounded electromagnetic waves that decrease in intensity inversely by the square of the distance traveled by the unguided electromagnetic waves, guided electromagnetic waves can propagate along a transmission medium with less loss in magnitude per unit distance than experienced by unguided electromagnetic waves. Base station device can facilitate connectivity to a mobile network for mobile devices and In an embodiment, repeater device can be placed at locations where there are discontinuities or obstacles on the wire or other transmission medium.

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This information includes, but is not limited to, the following:. In various embodiments, waveguide coupling device can receive a transmission from another waveguide coupling device, wherein the transmission has a plurality of subcarriers.

The network management system can in this situation continue to monitor mitigation of the disturbance s at step The wire therefore is a single wire transmission line that is not part of a circuit. In a preferred embodiment, this profile determines how the site is rendered to the registered shopper, including what product, price, services and merchandizing the shopper sees. Typically, a cookie records a user’s preferences when using a particular site. These coupons can also have links to product pages or special deals.

Each LBO 10 is entitled to charge any markup he or she chooses for products he or she resells at retail prices. The transmission device can be located away from the wire e. The collection and retrieval of imaging data generated by the image sensor g can be controlled by the network management systemor can be autonomously collected and reported by the image sensor g to the network management system As a Platinum LBO, there may be additional methods by which income may be earned based upon certain qualification levels and standards.


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Unscheduled maintenance may occur as result of field calls that are unplanned or as a result of unexpected field issues discovered during field calls or scheduled maintenance activities. In another embodiment, the guided wave can propagate substantially or completely on the outer surface of the conductor. It should be understood by one of ordinary skill in the art that such an iterative method comprises a large part of a sales and marketing plan described in further detail below which can be presented to users through use of the present invention.

When a disturbance is expected due to maintenance activities, the network management system can direct one or more waveguide systems to reconfigure traffic routes at a given schedule consistent with the maintenance schedule to avoid disturbances caused by the maintenance activities during the maintenance schedule.

A data layer 52 is preferably a logical layer where the data for the system is captured and preserved. It should be understood by a person having ordinary skill in the art that the present invention is not limited to a particular selection of participation categories and other categories with varying benefits, privileges, and characteristics could be used within the scope of the invention.

When a user reaches a URL for which they do not have access, a typical web server’s default behavior is to display a generic error page.

Additionally, users who are not registered with the marketing system, referred to herein as anonymous users, site visitors, surfers, or the like, can navigate through non-restricted portions of the web site and can select items for purchase.

Turning now to FIGS. A preferred product list 90 includes, for example, but is not limited to, a product name 90a and price 90b, and PV 90c and BV 90d for each product. An icon in the general navigational menu also allows them to add the item to their standing order based on membership type.

These steps can then be repeated using the sponsor group information provided by the prospective Member to calculate total sponsor group bonus income which, when added to the total discount sales income noted above, would give the prospective Member a total sponsor group income. The breadth and scope of the present invention should not, however, be limited by any of the exemplary products or definitions disclosed herein.


The environmental sensor f can collect raw information and process this information by comparing it to environmental profiles that can be obtained from a memory of the waveguide system or a remote database to predict weather conditions before they arise via pattern recognition, an expert system, knowledge-based system or other artificial intelligence, classification or other weather modeling and prediction technique.

Each user registers initially or is registered by someone elseusing an assigned or self-declared password.

More of the field strength of the electromagnetic wave is driven inside the insulating layer, increasing propagation losses. The Web client machine, reads these codes in order to display the page. This is accomplished using either anypointt both electronic commerce and face- to-face transactions.

At stepthe network management system can determine from reports received according to steps through if a disturbance will occur based on a maintenance schedule, or if a disturbance has anyppint or is predicted to occur based on telemetry data, or if a disturbance has occurred due to an unplanned maintenance identified in a field activity report.

In one embodiment, a duration threshold and a frequency of occurrence threshold can be used at step to determine when a disturbance adversely affects ds in the communication system Bends in the wire can increase transmission losses, which are also dependent on wire diameters, frequency, and materials.

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However, in contrast to conventional retail shopping carts, a shopper can add items to a single shopping cart from multiple stores within the E-Commerce site.

A generic name like “web customer” or similar name is used to insulate the client information in. As noted above, the user’s membership type preferably determines the level of access to products and services that anyypoint appear during the shopping experience.