Choose mobile broadband, then click add. November 4th, 4. At the end it ends up being useless as of the 4 serial ports found only one of them ttyUSB0 responds to AT. We should get a daily build going again for 6. I rebooted and now everything is working fine. Where 0x12d1 and 0x14ba is your vendor and product id obtained from lsusb. I can try to do that, but do you understand why the 0.

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Would anyone of you be able to test the upstream e1733 by adding this ppa it can be removed afterwards with ppa-purge:. I was using Linux Mint 7 which I upgraded to version 9 today to see if that would fix the problem but it made no difference. Email me about changes to this bug report.

However, I was not able to find the binary deb package. Open dash, search connections, and click network connections. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Ubuntu and the Huawei Mobile Broadband E173

If mine, what version 0. Skip to main content. Fixed upstream in commit af0eea74 8eedce67 ced8 For the latest 0.


Hello Web-E, Can you check my problem here He then offered to try another model of modem. When I execute the command: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Kotsbak mariusko wrote on Insert the data card and wait some ubunut.

I will try to grad debu ogs for 0. About Us Ubuntu 4U is based on the principles of collaboration and open source. Here is the output of: So he suggested executing the following commands: I found it here. Most of the information I found on uguntu web was on getting that to work, uuntu after a lot of trial and error it appears that it is working — Network Manager is just not picking up the change.

You will be able to add a mobile broadband as usual.

How to install Huawei E Usb Modem in Ubuntu / LTS | Ubuntu 4U

In your case we get: I also tested with my Huawei E with MM master containing the forwardported fix without problems. In Ubuntu if you are compiling from source you need to install build-essential. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. My product ID shifts around every time I reboot, so not working for me I can send ububtu later this day if needed.


Thank you for the quick response. Yes, the bug is still happening in saucy and trusty. Anyway, I still cant connect and I still get the same output from lsusb – Bus Device See full activity log.

How to install Huawei E173 Usb Modem in Ubuntu 10.04/12.04 LTS

Modem Log Edit Lines beginning with ” ” are ignored. Just to see if we are the culprits with the 0. Aleksander the APN aliases internet1.

All attributes matched Mode switching was successful, found 12d1: