A view over the Parapet of Bran Castle. Travelon Anti-theft Crossbody bag. The exhibition is an additional entry to the castle but a fascinating insight into the times when the castle was at its political peak. We recommend arriving early during these times to beat the crowds. Check the official Bran Castle website for upcoming events. What to do in Sozopol Bulgaria. We would like to thank Bran Castle for allowing us to visit with Sprocket the dog.

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If you ever considered visiting Romania, do it for nothing else than to visit the Transylvania region. This means if you make a purchase after clicking on a link, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

But the agreement provides for it to remain a museum open to the public for only three years. What to do in Sozopol Bulgaria. Under the agreement with the Romanian government, Bran Castle will remain a museum.

It was the stuff of Hollywood movies. Interestingly enough, due to communism, most Romanians were unaware of the interest in Bran Castle and Transylvania until long after communism fell. Dracyla history is steeped in supernatural folklore. Many posts on this site also contain links to accommodation, travel and activity booking sites.

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These two types of behavior were present both before the fall of communism inand after. Although some of his victims appear to have been German colonists who built Bran Castle at the end of the 14th century, historians have cautioned that there is little or no connection at all between Vlad the Impaler and Bran Castle.


See The Official Bran Castle site for opening hours.

More recently, though, Transylvania has embraced the popularity of Dracula and welcomes vampire hunters with open arms. Do you think this agreement will be extended?

At other times of the year, such as Halloween, the castle will host night tours. Throughout the following years, the castle fell into decay. Bran Castle is arguably the country’s most famous medieval landmark, as it is often called Dracula’s Dacula. Bran Castle was given as a gift to Queen Maria by the local community [of Brasov in ], as a reward for her absolutely remarkable role in World War I and in Transylvania’s union with Romania [in ].

The castle personally belonged to Queen Maria [the wife of King Ferdinand of Romania], it was not part caslte the royal house’s properties.

The Myth and Mystery of Bran Castle Transylvania | Vagrants Of The World Travel

Information on opening hours further on. Sometimes, there is even the possibility to sleep in Bran Castle. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and the stunning Transylvanian countryside, the castle is the perfect setting for outdoor events. Start typing and press Enter to search. Travel adapter with dual Megarriver Charger.

Bran is the castle with the most medieval look of all the imposing buildings of Transylvania. Historians say that in the Middle Ages Bran was not a castle for the nobility but one of the important fortifications that German colonist communities in southern Transylvania built on the Hungarian Kingdom’s border with the principality of Wallachia. Somehow, since the whole story was placed in Transylvania, a location for [the castle] was needed in the same region.


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An exhibition fitting the Count perhaps. These stories were then deacula by Bram Stoker in the romantic-gothic fashion of the 19th century. See end of article for more details. Disclaimer — Vagrants of the World Travel are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

The whole Dracula story is actually based on an imbroglio between Vlad’s castles, which were not in Transylvania [since Vlad Draculea was the ruler of the neighboring principality of Wallachia], and the castle where he may have been detained for a while [by the King of Hungary] in Transylvania.

The Myth and Mystery of Bran Castle Transylvania

It is said; the only association these historical characters have with Bran Castle is when Vlad the Dracuula tried to overrun the fortress, it was possible he was eventually imprisoned in the dungeon there. The countess displayed vampiric tendencies megaeriver drinking and bathing in the blood of young virgins in the belief she could attain eternal youth. May 26, Bosnia Kosovo Macedonia Montenegro Serbia.

Check the official Bran Castle website for upcoming events.