As far as stock BD-2 vs. Digitech Blues Screamer , Anyone have any experiences comparing the two? Do you already have an account? Why do you recommend the SD-1 over either?

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Boss Blues Driver vs. Digitech Blues Screamer

Keeley’s modification or anyone else’s mod is a change, not necessarily an improvement as such. Jan 8, 9.

Yes sir, I had the Boss BD and found it to be a might too hard clipping for what it was designed to be I think. Yep, it’s diigitech BD-2 with a different tone stack. Hope that gives you some insight on the unit you’re looking at. No, create an account now. Jan 10, What amp are you using? Help FAQs Go to top. I had a stock BD-2 and really couldn’t stand how tinny and weak it was. That’s just my opinion though. I’ll go for the BD Why do you recommend the SD-1 over either?


Out of curiosity, did you find a schematic for the Sccreamin Blues somewhere?

Digitech Screamin Blues or Boss Blues Driver? – Ultimate Guitar

As I recall it had more depth than the BD and with the two tone pots opposed to the one on the BD, it had a broader range of tone to offer. They can actually sound very close to each other. Anyone have any experiences comparing the two?

Digitech Blues Screamer Your name or email address: It appeared to me that it had more range in the distortion as well. Bluez mod to adjust the op-amp boost – is that a mod that someone’s already done to a BD-2, or is that a Digitech original idea?

Which is better – BD-2 or Screaming Blues? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

But if you do get a BD Yes, my password is: DS-1 circuitry Bad Monkey: And if you do, it has way more treble available, which works nicely with its overdrive character to kick an amp into high-gear. The Bluess has a tone-suck cap wired across the input jack.


Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. TonemonkeyJan 10, I’m obviously way late to this game, but I came across an awesome mom-and-pop record store in this area, and they had a great assortment of used guitars and pedals.

Log in or Sign up. I liked the pedal. Yes, my password is: The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Jan 8, 8. So, what I was trying to say was that if you’re on a budget, and if you want a good overdrive, get an SD-1 and do the Monte mod Z Maz 8 Studio Pedalboard: