The sound is dark and closed, yet pretty clean if you listen to FLACs, sometimes painful with MP3s and OGGs this is not a defect of this unit, this is due to the poor selection of settings for lossy compression. Compare Selected Remove All Print. You can also plug it into any Apple computer and get the same instant connection. No such effect is noticeable when using the line out with an external amp though. You can feel its inaudible presence in certain types of headphones when there is no output. But all in all, that happens to almost every recording product. First of all I recommend installing the native Behringer drivers for this device, because they will give you improved sound and proper ASIO support.

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Everyone likes to save a buck or two when they can, so a great interface will provide top-quality performance at a budget-friendly price. Their mission has been to provide professional grade products that audil can afford.

There is no setup or special drivers needed. If I want to capture a certain event in progress, it’s great that I don’t have to worry about batteries, because it is USB powered. But in this price range, you are not supposed to be comparing those items anyway.

Behringer UCA USB/Audio Interface UCA B&H Photo Video

The stereo headphone output has a dedicated level control so you can monitor both input bebringer output. One big concern for artists when recording is latency. The stereo headphone output features a dedicated level control and lets you listen to both the input and output. It records, it plays, and it gets out of the way when it’s unplugged.


Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

For general purpose non-critical audio work, this is a fine product. This unit is a perfect addition for your music accessories for home recording, especially if you already own a non-plug-and-play mixer. Having a direct, switchable signal path from input to output means you don’t have to monitor through the computer, with intwrface inherent latency delay.

This is particularly important if you will be using an interface for the first time. If you have 8-track tapes, your player may not have the standard stereo jacks, but it probably has an RCA-style connector. This device also has a downloadable software package that allows you to start recording and editing in stereo immediately. This USB interface is an excellent low-cost way for connecting the turntable to the computer. All you have to do is plug it in and you can start working. Just because an interface has many inputs and outputs does not mean it is the best quality.

Two ways to get the best deals in town: Latency is how long it takes for the sound to be played back to the musician through their headphones.

RightMark works by generating a test signal, sending it through the device you’re testing, and then recording what comes back from the device. Trending Price New.

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If an interface causes excessive latency, it makes it very difficult for the artist to concentrate on their singing or playing. Visit our new store: Any great interface needs to have little to zero latency.


The Tape-Out of my integrated amp will overload the Behringer and cause it to clip.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Subkid from Well worth the price. Sometimes, though, it will pick some electrical interference, so you have to make sure of where you are recording, and behringfr you do your best to block off these extra frequencies. According to user reviews, it comes in at number one for the best audio interface.

I have behrinyer Behringer gear before, and being a musician and producer, I have used a fair share of their products. I brought over the UCA to show him, and he bought one straight away. Be the first to review this item.

I needed a stereo line level interface that worked with RightMark Audio Analyzer and a few other measurement programs behrnger I had, and that I could tuck out of the way rather than haul out a rack mount box. No such effect is noticeable when using the line out with an external amp though.

Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface Review 2018

For as inexpensive as their gear is, you have nothing to lose by at least trying it out. Most relevant reviews See all 77 reviews.

One of their products that is top-rated by consumers is their UCA audio interface.