If the mouse button is dragged, an attachment line is drawn. When you release the button, if the dragging was from left to right, a magnified view of the area within the zoom box will fill the window. Note on Vendor Legacy Support: To be compatible, legacy GL 3. The functions are listed above.

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It is a device that lets a use control 3D objects on their computer in an intuitive manner.

Pointwise Partners with 3Dconnexion for 3D Mouse Support

If you drag it vertically, the display will be magnified if you drag it down or shrunk if you drag it up. The new button functions take effect as soon as you click OK.

Additional Hardware and Software Requirements. Whether you are a first time user who is looking to tryout a 3D Mouse for the first time or an experienced 3D mouse user who is looking to upgrade, you need to check out the SpacePilot Pro. For basic usage and simple models, a workstation-class 3D-capable graphics card with at least MB of memory that supports OpenGL version 3.

To use a 3Dconnexion product with the listed products, you must download and install the appropriate Microsoft Windows driver for your version of Windows. Discrete graphics card with the latest drivers and compatible with the supported operating systems. If the probe function is turned off and you click the mouse-probe button in the graphics window, only the identity of the item on which you clicked will be printed out in the console window.


Licensing Guide for more information. Button 2D 3D Left mouse-dolly mouse-rotate Middle mouse-zoom mouse-zoom Right mouse-probe mouse-probe.

Not familiar with what a 3D Mouse is? If you use a 3Dconnexion product, ensure that you have the latest version of the drivers installed. A minimum screen resolution of: As a new 3D mouse user I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this little machine, yet it quickly has gained my trust as an invaluable tool to any Designer or Engineer.

You must log in to post a comment. Instructions on how to do this can typically be found on graphics card vendor’s web site. Approximately twice as much swap space as memory.

ANSYS FLUENT User’s Guide – Controlling the Mouse Button Functions

If you assign the probe function to one of the buttons, select on or off as the 3docnnexion status. Note on Vendor Legacy Support: If the mouse button is simply clicked not draggedthe selected point becomes the center of the window.

Please refer to http: Combine the SpacePilot PRO cross-compatibility with its programmability and ease of use and you have a quality computer tool that applies to a wide range of users who are looking at new ways to increase productivity. If the mouse button is dragged, an attachment 3donnexion is drawn.


Button 2D 3D Left mouse-dolly mouse-dolly Ansye mouse-rotate mouse-probe Right mouse-zoom mouse-zoom. After installation, simply run your preferred browser and reestablish it as the default. That is, you do not have to redraw the graphics window to use the new functions; the appropriate function will be executed when a mouse button is subsequently clicked in a graphics window.

If you drag the mouse horizontally, the display will rotate about the axis normal to the screen. The function completes when the mouse button is released or the cursor leaves the graphics window.

Pointwise Partners with 3Dconnexion for 3D Mouse Support

Examples are Intel HD and series cards. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

To be compatible, legacy GL 3. This ensures that I can keep in touch with my team without having to ever leave my engineering programs, which is invaluable to my production on a daily basis. The Workbench Defaults button functions are as follows: Skip to content The following is from an email that I received from Johnathon Wright.