It really makes the board stand out from the rest. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Embraced by all gamers and users, C-media’s CMI sound chip is now standard on all next generation Iwill motherboards. This will give you a theoretical maximum of mhz. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. Included in the box are the usual suspects of IDE leads nicely labelled , CD with drivers will come back to that , 2 manuals and a driver Floppy.

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Just south of that, is the processor socket.

Iwill KK Socket-A KTA ATX

A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. DDR being such a catch phrase, most people including yours truly forgot that in reality, iwil only allows twice the bandwidth of conventional SDR memory but isn’t really ‘faster. IanGFeb 8, Of course, to just about everyone’s surprise, the KTA became quite the sleeper!

Hit F10 for the save and format my drive ready for windows. Embraced by all gamers and users, C-media’s CMI sound chip is now standard on all next generation Iwill motherboards.

Well, here it is many, many weeks later. The Overclocking options are fantastic and the board is iqill user friendly. I would like a fairly nice system, but cash is tight. I tried to ask a vendor for information New Eggbut they really aren’t equipped to provide technical support, which is totally understandable. Only issue was with my SoundBlaster but this almost seems to be the norm with Via chipsets these days.


Iwill KK266 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT133A

I now had a very responsive and quick system at my fingertips and a grin broke out on my ugly mug J. Do you already have an account? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays jk266.

Well this is where it comes into play. After referring to the excellent manual I configured the few jumpers on the board ready to power her up after connecting all the peripherals.

I iwiol I was hoping you were wrong.

Conclusions on the KKPlus. Wayback machine to the rescue! Remember the FSB jumper I mentioned at the start? However, our test sample isn’t one of the much nicer “-R” models, so we’ll just be skipping over that whole area.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Their immensely popular KK line of motherboards has already won over the hearts of performance users and overclockers a like with it’s superb performance, stability, and astonishing ability to reach ungodly bus speeds Iwill knows these facts well and it shows in their entry to the KTA market. I can buy it relatively cheaply, but I want to make sure that the board won’t go any higher.


In order to compete with the previous four boards, Iwill needs to at least deliver the same kind of performance, features, and stability that we’ve come to expect.

Now its not often that I get too excited when I open a parcel and pull free a motherboard box but this time it looked a little different and was actually presented well. The board uses and Award bios so it was kinda familiar in there and I felt quite at ease configuring everything ready for Windows. Until the mobo died. The Sandra scores however speak for themselves. Apr 22, Im willing to bet a Applebred would work.

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It is, of course, AGP 4x compliant.