I think I will give in and get another printer. I’m getting fine on using the matte paper setting, and have cleaned the printer head already was inky, now clean, still doesn’t work great – but works as it did before I cleaned it! I never have the time to “look back through this thread” Hell,.. Thank you for getting back to me. Issue started after a two-week absence during which the printer was not used

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Had I viewed all these posts prior,I wouldn’t have purchased another canon. I still intend to E-mail you for your help when I get stuck or close to giving up.

My Cannon Pixma MP won’t print black anymore. Trigger helped me out as far as possible, I now know that the print head is not clogged up but there is likely something wrong with the electronics or the firmware as my printer prints just half the PGBK pattern, perfectly, and the half not at all.

I will send you a note seperately. The printhead is clogged with lback up ink and no ink can flow through the head. I am sending you this note and when you reply I will be able to send you more information about my Repair Manuals.

Hope your vacation went well.

Canon MP won’t print black | FixYourOwnPrinter

Do you have more money than time. Neither was I sure that there wasn’t another clog somewhere else in the device. Could you send me the diagnostic e-mail so I can get the correct instructions? I am disappointed by Canon failing to mention how to take care of their printers or even failing to install systems to prevent damage to the printer itself, and even more by the fact that the print ml530 costs as much as a new printer.


Hi Trigger, You mentioned that you never turn off your printer, why, does this mean that every time you do turn it on you waste ink? Trigger, Thanks for your step by step cann.

As this is my first time disassambling a printer. I like a challenge and like solving problems.

Canon MP Ink | eBay

Can anyone recommend an affordable printer that doesn’t have so many issues???? Back to Peripherals forum 22 total posts. The ‘Nozzle Check’ shows no black grid pattern at all, ,p530 the 6 color bars below are fine. I don’t come back here to search for who you are or what you posted.

Canon MP530 Ink

It is amazing how sophisticated and complex they have become! You blakc driving your printer towards the edge of a cliff. If you really want detailed information and instructions on how to repair your printer, just click on my USER ID and send me a note.

Am I doing something wrong?

My printer decided not to print the barcode of a boarding pass the other day, but printed all the rest of the page. How do I get to the purge pad? I can’t figure out how to access and clean the ‘purge area. After doing some research, I finally decided to clean the print head by soaking it in warm water.


How cann do you think it would go without a problem. Please include your printer model number and define the problems in that note. The excuse I canoh heard is from the print heads drying out to it enhances the black ink. It’s been months.

I bladk print one or two pages of text per week and I do my color pictures at WalMart. I am wait for your results.

It won’t tell you one thing about how to fix any error condition in the canob other than basic reset. Somebody with a handle of “Sean” send me an email from this website and post and when I tried to send back the information to their email address I got a response from “Yahoo” that there was no such email address.

I refilled all the cartridges and performed two more deep cleanings with no success.